Universal Gymnast Problem: The Wedgie

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last November our club hosted the largest gymnastics competition in Singapore. Over 500 gymnasts from 10 countries and 3 continents participated in the Prime international Invitational.   This competition stands out in my mind, not because it was the biggest one of the year but because of a wedgie. yes, a big huge wedgie. On the last rotation of our session, one of my optional gymnasts decided to add a not-so-descrete buttpick to her wonderful choreography to get her wedgie out within the first 5 seconds of her Floor routine.  To her defense, her competition leotard did not have the perfect fit and the rest of her routine was beautiful.  She ended up winning sixth place on floor which gave us an even bigger laugh after awards.

All jokes aside, the annoyance of a leotard creeping up your butt comes to all gymnast. The wedgie doesn't discriminate against age, race, religion or ability. In fact, Olympic Champion Beth Tweddle had a recent interview talking about the embarrasement of this universal gymnast problem.

Of you are sitting there wondering why there is so much butt-picking going on there's a handful of reasons:

  1. The leotard doesn't have the perfect fit
  1. The gymnast's underwear fabric doesn't suit well with the leotard fabric
  1. The underwear is too big
  1. The underwear is too small
  1. Not wearing the perfect gym shorts
  1. Not squeezing the gluteus maximus muscles during movements
  1. It's just a crazy habit formed from the aforementioned reasons to make a gymnast pick their butt

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